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Barley Fields

A Better Life

Psychological Comfort.. Peace.. Calmness


A. A. Alebraheem

Social activist, Columnist, Author and Researcher Provides ideas for our daily life, looking for simple solutions to complex life , solutions that take into account the five dimensions of our life:

Social, financial, physical, psychological and spiritual.
ALQABAS Newspaper since

Some Articles Published in Other GCC country as OKAZ newspaper
Too many articles published In Quora and Medium.

Books & Writings

A group of books that provide many examples and ideas for dealing with our reality, mixed in an interesting literary style.

Check out the complete library of works through the following link.



Book now

Venezuela twins

Book now

Fringe of the West

Book now

Every News is a Bang

Selected Episodes

A group of selected episodes, a new episode is added every week on Tuesday.

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هل تسمع الطبول.jpg
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